Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Won!

Week 2 is now in the history books. The Bluebonnets (1st/2nd grade girls) won their game in commanding fashion by dominating in the paint. Our 2 low post girls really shined, while our guards moved the ball around for some great open looks. Speaking after the game, the MVP summed it all up nicely with, "where's the treats?"

The Spurs (3rd/4th grade boys) completely controlled the tempo and possession of the ball. Several mid-court steals and fast break points contributed to an authoritative scoring lead. Again, our men in the post did an excellent job of both offensive and defensive rebounds. The only sour notes were a few lateral passes at mid-court that led to easy steals and scores by the other team. Outside of that, our defense really made offensive play difficult to impossible for them and our offense is really learning to move the ball down into the post for good shots on goal.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on your Bluebonnets and Spurs!

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