Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 2009 Newsletter

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10 Useful Ways to Get the Most out of Facebook

Think Facebook ( is just for kids? Think again.

1. Mobile Photo: Add the mobile app to take photos with your cell phone and upload them to Facebook automatically.
2. Post Polls: Create your own surveys for personal or business use.
3. Find Friends: Track business associates, friends or family by subscribing to their RSS feed, then watch their every move.
4. Research: Find out how many people are located within a certain demographic area by visiting the Facebook Insight corner.
5. Syndicate Yourself: Use Facebook notes to import the RSS feed from your blog. Once established, it can be distributed to all your Facebook friends.
6. Share: Combine with Google Reader or other applications to share documents.
7. Send Video Messages: Simply connect a webcam and start sending video messages to friends, family members or associates.
8. Clipping Service: Use the Newshound application to bookmark any articles or websites, then comment or share.
9. Watch TV: Internet television is coming of age, so whether you want to take a coffee break or share news with your personal network, tune in to see what is taking place.
10. Connect: Facebook does so many things that it is easy to forget what it does best: connect with others! Meet new friends or just hang out with familiar faces through the modern equivalent of networking; it’s Six Degrees of Separation on steroids.

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